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Shower Pan Letter in City of San Antonio

If you are building an extra bathroom or remodeling a bathroom to include a stand up shower in the City of San Antonio, you are going to be required to submit a Shower Pan Letter.  The City of San Antonio will not pass the final plumbing inspection if the building contractor does not fill out…


Why don’t I have any hot water?

Where’s the hot water? This is fairly common problem.  Before you reach for the phone to call in a professional, one of two things is probably wrong with your water heater: 1. If there is no loss of water pressure, but the water supply is cold and flows continuous, it’s probably a burned out pilot…


Engery Efficient Water Heater

Most people don’t pay an attention to their Water Heater or know where it is located in the house.  Your water heater uses about 14-25% of your electric bill.  I call it the Rodney Dangerfield of appliances because it typically “gets no respect.”  It is constantly working even when you are not at home, on…

The Rhino Garcia Foundation is happy to help San Antonio resident Mr. Limon >>> Building for Hope