Can I enclose my patio?

The answer is “yes”, but you MUST know a few things first.  First of all, the biggest mistake most  homeowners make is to assume that they can build on top of an existing concrete patio foundation without doing some investigating first.  Most concrete patio’s are only about 4″ thick (the same as regular sidewalk).  And what do you suppose is going to happen if you build something on top of a sidewalk?  It’s going to crack the sidewalk, right?  Well, this is the problem most homeowners encounter after they have built a structure on top of their existing concrete patio.  When the foundation cracks, so will your walls and floor tile.  It will also cause doors and windows to “stick” and possible be inoperable due to the shifting that will occur.

The proper way to go about enclosing a patio is to first consult with a qualified building professional.  He/she may bring in a structural engineer to determine the structural integrity of that concrete.  Yes, it does incur some cost, but trust me, it will be far cheaper than building something without following the proper channels and then later having to tear it down and start all over again.   Not only that, but you could also devalue your property value.  It is tempting to just enclose an exterior patio that already have roof  on it, but please consult with someone who knows what they are doing before you begin.”–Danny Garcia, owner of Rhino Design Build in San Antonio, Texas.

Some homes were built with the foundation being part of the home’s exterior patio being engineered properly to support a structure on top of it.  If you own a track home, chances are less likely because having a concrete patio with the proper beams and rebar in it to support a proper structure adds cost home.  The goal is to make the track homes as affordable as possible, so in all likely hood, the patio is only about 4″ thick and cannot be built on top of.  Removing the concrete patio and having the builder pour a proper foundation is certainly the way to go if indeed your goal is to use the new room addition or patio enclosure as living space.  It does cost more, but the advantages far outweigh the consequences.

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